Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leeks and other news

I took a stab at getting some more energy back into myself by going downstairs and riding my stationary bike. I want to do it again tomorrow but that will require a bit more dedication (getting up an hour earlier than usual).

Two weeks ago (!!!) I bought leeks at the farmers market. Because I'm a coward when it comes to trying new recipes, tonight found me pulling them out for the first time. I cheated and simply substituted it for the onion I normally use for this dish. Fortunately, I had put the leeks in a green produce saver bag and they were still just as crisp and fresh as when I bought them. I enjoyed cutting it up and separating all the little rings; no tears! Flavor: nice, subtle.

Question: how do you store leeks when you grow your own? Do you simply dig them as needed and when the garden season is over, that's it?

I've got diatomaceous earth (sp?) dusted all over my house. My son says he can smell it although I can't (which is a complete reversal from normal). Keeping a close eye on the flea situation...


Tanya Walton said...

I always use leeks as substitutes in my dishes as my hubby won't eay onions. they keep for as long as onions and it is nice that you don't cry as you prepare them. I have grown leeks for the last few years and always end up using all mine. They need digging up really before hard winter sets in but mine tend not to lost that long. I like to saute them on there own and have them with my sunday lunch too. I don't like them much raw though ( as I do with onions!)

Just grow some, they're easy to tend and don't take much room and don't tend to get attacked!!!

tpals said...

If you had extra would you let them dry for storage like onions?