Friday, September 4, 2009

Weight loss

I've decided to lose weight/exercise (and it's not even New Year!). My goal is to lose 2 stone by the end of the year and exercise 5 days each week. I would like to lose a lot more but it will be easier if I can set smaller goals.

I normally take my lunch to work so the problems start when I get home in the evening. I'm tired, hungry and even with the best intentions will grab whatever is available. I'll then sit down and won't have the drive to get back up to cook something nutritious. Which means I'm going to have to be very careful not to buy any of those easy foods. Today, as my first serious day, I cut up some tomatoes (from mom's garden) to munch while the roast chicken breast is in the oven. Except...those have been eaten, the chicken will take another 30 minutes and I'm hungry! Grumble.

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the easiest thing to do would be over the weekenes cook up some healthy nutritious meals that freeze well...then in the morning before you go to work put one in the fridge and when you get home after work it's a simple case of waiting for your meal to heat up. Shepherds pie is great for this...or lean mince and veg...pasta bakes, lasagne, spaghetti can even blanch mixed veggies together and freeze in portions...give it a go!!