Sunday, November 22, 2009

My weekend

Saturday wasn't the most productive of days, though I did make butter and tried a recipe for cheese and onion bread. Most of the day was spent watching season 2 of True Blood. I've read all the books but the show deviated so far from the original storyline that it's fascinating to see where they'll go next. Oddly enough, the vampires and shapeshifters are just part of the background, what is really strange to me is the Louisiana setting. It's like a peek onto an alien world with a completely foreign culture. I suspect that, like my own part of the country, you'd have to grow up there to really appreciate it.

Today has been busy doing all the things that should have been done yesterday. Best of all I made a great start on setting up our go bags. I'm trying to duplicate most of the items for each of us in case we're separated. I still have a few more items to track down, but it's getting close to complete. A short work week ahead then a four day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What's a go bag???