Friday, May 28, 2010

Ladies' Challenge

I was just rooting around in my purse for dental floss when it occurred to me that here is a challenge; what's in your purse?

Personally, I carry a very large purse so I always have a place to tuck a book and water bottle so there is a lot of stuff hiding in there:

sunscreen for lips
8 gig thumbdrive
wallet (money, checkbook, id, pics)
needles (for son's insulin)
sewing kit
SOG multi-tool
dental floss
aleve (super strong pain reliever)
cloth (for cleaning glasses)
quickload with bullets (although I don't carry my gun in my purse)
cellphone charger
allergy pills
pocket knife with locking blade
led flashlight
tire pressure gauge

I should make up a wallet size first aid kit.

2 comments: said...

ok...when you say 'purse' I presume you mean 'handbag' here goes.

I have two...a town one and a walking/allotment one.

Town one.... Water bottle, lip balm, painkillers, mini first aid kit, notebook, three pens and two pencils, diary, bookmark, card wallet, purse, bee bear, charm, women s 'stuff', book bag, trolley coins, bank book, water book, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, mints, needle and thread hairbrush. (I think thats about it for whats in there constantly.)

Allotment one Water, plasters, painkillers, hand wipes, suncream, bite dream, sanitizing gel, tissues, rubbish bag, cereal bars, mints,pencil, marker pen, seeds, penknife, bobbles....think that may be it.

This is totally of the top of my head this is stuff I KNOW is in there..I'm sure there could be

tpals said...

What is a water book?