Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden update

I've been busy in the garden all day. The section I had set aside for squash had grown over in weeds and needed thorough forking and hoeing. Here is one of the newly transplanted zucchinis (courgettes). Last year the harvest was sparse and I like having plenty to freeze for bread in the winter so I deliberately over-planted these and the cucumbers. Bring on the glut!

I'm trying succession planting for the peas. The fence on the left has the newly sprouting peas which hopefully will kick in when the first row is finished. Beyond that are carrots, onions, turnips and beets.

Also showing the potatoes at the end of the garden. The plants tend to get smaller and fewer have sprouted on the right side. That's the section under the black walnut tree. It's difficult because my yard is FULL of the trees and finding a clear spot to grow in is a challenge.

North of the polytunnel is my patch of 16 (!!!) cucumber plants and the beans. This section is technically in my neighbor's yard, left over from the previous neighbor who shared the space with me. I'd hate to lose it because it's so well amended after all these years and is very fertile.

A peek into the polytunnel where the tomatoes should (fingers crossed) be safe from blight. I give the plants a good shake when blooming to pollinate.

A long, but satisfying day.

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it all looks great....I love my allotment but in a way I am quite envious of you having the room in your garden to grow your veg.....I think I could stay on top of things a lot more if I had a big garden and didn't have to leave my own premises to tend to my veggies!!