Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Window plastic

I've lived in this house for almost twenty years now and I've learned to put plastic over the windows....all twenty windows! It makes a huge difference in heating costs.

Every year there seem to be different brands available and I feel like I've tried lots. This year I started with a brand I hadn't seen before, Dennis, and bought enough to do the whole job. Unfortunately, this was the first brand I haven't been able to use. The plastic started pulling off the tape immediately and when I started the blow dryer entire sides popped off. The unopened boxes got returned to the store and I contacted the manufacturer about the problem. The service rep was adamant that there wasn't anything wrong and offered a refund on the open box. If I receive it I'll edit this post.

I bought 3M and Duck brands to try again. The 3M was excellent with no difficulties. The Duck was the roll-on type with a pre-taped edge. That part didn't work out for me; the stiff plastic on that edge made it hard to get a good adherence and I ended up using regular tape under that part. I have no issue with buying more Duck brand, just avoiding the roll-on variety.

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Tanya Walton said...

I remember my parents sealing the windows when we were kids...never made a huge difference though but I should think that time has helped make these things more useful!