Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hooray (yum)

Recently I got my lamb, all neatly packaged in white paper, frozen and labeled. It was a little intimidating since I'd never cooked lamb and had barely tasted any long ago. I wanted to make spaghetti today because it's a good meal to take to work for lunches.

Thanks to Denise of mrsnesbitt's space fame for the cooking suggestions and I cooked up a big batch. My son started hovering around the pan early and pronounced the lamb "exquisite". Very high praise indeed!

I am so relieved because it was a costly purchase (more than I anticipated) and it would have been horrible if we had hated it.

A happy outcome for buying local meat. Now, if only I could find the equivalent of Stonehead nearby for the perfect pig!

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Tanya Walton said...

Lamb is my favourite meat ...I love the delicacy and richness of the meat. My favourite lamb dish is 'Lamb in Piquant Sauce' so if you like tomatoes, rosemary and garlic it's definitely worth looking up the recipe...if you can't find one I will type mine out for you.. :-)