Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bright spots

I couldn't resist this hanging basket of happiness. I was holding a box of plants as my mom picked out the ones she wanted to buy, my eyes strayed up and I fell in love. Yes, you can buy love and it costs $12.

Other little news items...I've lost 14 pounds - 1 stone exactly! It's not fast, it took me two months, but it's gone and I'm very happy. Funnily enough, the very healthy foods I'm learning to cook and enjoy are both 'green' and sustainable. Many vegetables can be grown well in my climate. That is, if spring ever arrives fully so I can get the garden started!

Now, for any cooks out there: HELP!!! One of the items I added to my 'super soup' was a can of southern style bean salad. I know there was corn and black beans, but it was something I tried on a whim so never really paid attention to the brand or ingredients and now I'm out and it's disappeared off the grocery shelf. I tried making the soup without it but it's definitely missing that special zing so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've just been doing a price comparison between a bulk buy site (25 lb bags) and my grocery store (1 lb bags) for dried beans. Even adding in 6% sales tax the store is far less costly.

Someone on my diet forum was excited about fitting into her tube top again. When I read that I wanted to scream in horror...weren't those vile things outlawed by the International Fashion Police? Honestly, women who are dieting generally need (require) a supportive bra and that's the one thing that can't be worn with a tube top. Shudder.

My brother's partner was in town last week on business and I had a blast hanging out with him for an evening. I wish they lived closer.

I ordered 2 dozen reusable canning lids and extra rubber rings. My son looked at the boxes and said 'I think you should order more.' And I thought I was a pessimist!


fullfreezer said...

Tube tops...shudder... I think I had one when I was young- much younger. I can't imagine wanting to wear one now.
As for your bean salad, Hmm, I don't know- have you tried a google search? Sometimes that gives me ideas.
I've been thinking about the reusable lids. Where did you get them?

Tanya Walton said...

Sorry i can't help you with the soup thing...I make all mine from scratch and rarely follow a recipe closely...well done on the weight loss...I think that is a great weight to lose in the time you have done it. To lose too much too quickly would badly effect your health so I think you are going about things exactly the right way.

Life seems good for you and the hanging basket can be a lovely reminder of all your happiness and achievements!!

tpals said...

Judy, I got the lids from Lehmans. I waited until they had a 10% off day because it isn't a cheap site.

Thanks, Tanya!