Sunday, April 17, 2011


I thought the inch of snow last week was bad enough, but this? It's been fluffing down, off and on, all weekend. Still no chance of doing any real work outside.

On the other hand, my loo roll leeks are coming up nicely in the basement and I've sown some more seeds. Hopefully, when I can garden I'll be ready!

It's mostly been quiet here. My son worked all weekend but did take time to climb up onto the roof and do a rescue for me before going back to school. I have a shelf stand with a plastic cover that works as a portable mini-greenhouse. Last week I put it in what I thought was a sheltered corner. The wind proceeded to take the cover off the stand, carry it straight up and over the roof, then wrap it around the old satellite dish. It was lucky for me that the dish is still up there or it might have ended up in the next county.


Tim said...

Sorry to hear of the bad weather. Hope your dish stays fixed!

Not wishing to rub salt, but we've full sun forecast here for the rest of the week. Means no rain, though.

Best Regards,

PS. I'm up again in the middle of our night, if my posting time seems weird :)

Tanya Walton said...

Oh the joys of mini greenhouses!!

Hope the weather soon turns as sunny and warm as ours!!!