Monday, January 9, 2012


The beef has been picked up and now fills the freezer. I made a Sunday roast yesterday and it is very good.

The chickens have all filled out nicely after the fall moulting and are looking good.

This has been a strange morning as I woke early and couldn't go back to sleep; instead I got up and rode the stationary bike for a time. That's the first time it's been used for anything other than a coat rack for months! I fear it will be a very long day though.

The weather continues clear and cool. Very unlike a normal January. The big question is how this dry winter will affect the summer growing season. As there is nothing to be done about it, we will just have to suffer through jacket weather. :)

This past weekend I watched a show from around 2003 called "That'll Teach 'Em" where they took 30 volunteer 16 year olds and put them in a 1960s boarding school for a month. This was series 2 of the show and it was fascinating to watch these modern day, below average students blossom in a disciplined setting. I would love to see a follow-up done on where they are now and if the experience had any lasting benefits.

After watching that I looked up series 3 which was with above average students in a 1950s school. Curiously, they were much less adaptable to the discipline and caused a lot more trouble. They seemed to suffer from the 'I'm a special snowflake' syndrome and didn't make the most of the opportunity. Funnily enough, while most of them failed dismally at the 50s exams, they all scored very high on modern tests. So, there are today's doctors and lawyers; lazy, never having to do anything they don't want to and expecting someone to give them the answers. I think what shocked me the most was that not one of them could do a long division problem without a calculator. Pitiful.


Compostwoman said...

Your chickens are looking good :-)

Tanya Walton said...

Glad you're liking your beef and that the chickens are all healthy.

The series you watched sounds interesting....i do think it is terrible how the children of today are taught so much by machines and not by actually exercising their brains...i don't think technology is always a good thing...i think less people can spell today or use dictionaries correctly due to spell checkers on computers...also I think hand writing is less legible as they spend so much time typing...not a good subject to get me started on...sorry....Might see if I can find that programme to watch though!!