Monday, April 16, 2012

Good news/sad news

The good news is that all the new chicks arrived well and very thirsty. Naturally, they are adorable and I am very relieved not to face a massive die-off from the delayed delivery. According to the email response I got from the hatchery, because of a contract with the airlines, Saturday is the only day they ship. Insane.

The sad news happened as I drove home; two dogs raced in front of my car. The little one made it past, but the rottweiler was struck by the front bumper. That noise of fright and pain nearly broke my heart. Ironically, the mother had just sent her son to call the dogs in. I sent him back to get his parents and explained what had happened. She was upset, but not angry. There wasn't any blood but I'm not sure about his legs. It seemed like a very sweet-natured dog and I hope he recovers fully.

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Tanya Walton said...

It's always hard when something like this happens...and in a way worse for the driver tan the owner but try not to blame yourself or feel to bad about it.

Glad the chicks are ok though.