Friday, May 18, 2012

Say 'cheep'

 Here is the latest on the growing flock at the farm. It still startles me how much larger my original chicks are even though they are only one week older than the mail order chicks. I love seeing all the different breeds in a mix like this and the coloring on some is truly stunning.

So much to see and do outside.
Lion doesn't have time for the feeder - he's on patrol.
The outer perimeter is on the hunt.
This little guy amazes me - he looks like he has wings on his legs! Anybody have an idea of what breed he is?

Sunshine, grass, bugs, a pine tree for shade, and a dirt patch for dust baths...what more could a chick ask for?


mrsnesbitt said...

Our adopted banty cockerel has feathered legs! Yes - hen adventures eh? We are currently in the middle of one too!

Tanya Walton said...

It sure looks like your chickens are being spoilt...hope they appreciate it and soon give you lots of eggs!!