Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden update

I've got the rough hoeing done in the big garden, but not the in-close finger weeding yet. Our weather continues very hot and dry so I feel like I'm fighting just to keep things watered.

The year of the Onion~ last year's left behinds and some new plantings plus a row in the small garden. To the right are kale and spinach with cucumbers in the background.

Peas are struggling with the heat. Notice the high-tech gadget to discourage birds!

Even the beans are looking a bit crisped around the edges.

The potatoes are loving it and flourishing. Hooray!

I've got space yet for brassicas and a few squashes which I picked up on clearance. If I time the planting right it will be right before the rains return.

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Tanya Walton said...

It's all looking very neat and tidy, and I'm sure they will love it even more when those dreaded rains return...I tell you want I will try and send you some of ours!!