Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eclectic Music

I listen to a lot of music while working. Usually I'll let the player shuffle and enjoy the strangeness of one of Brent Spiner's big band renditions followed by classic Elvis or edgy P!nk. Other times I'll pick a song and let entire albums play out.

I've been enjoying Robbie Williams' latest album. It reminds me of a visit to Glasgow where a friend introduced me to his music. In one of life's little oddities - I lost track of that friend and can't even remember his name, yet I still get great pleasure from Robbie.

After the media player finished with that album it automatically began on the next:
And that has been equally delightful in an entirely different style.

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Tanya@allotments4you said...

I love all sorts of music and like you tend to let my player shuffle them up for me. I have both of these artists on my player. I love the way different music sparks different memories for me.