Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scientology - the LOL factor

Quoting from the BBC News:
"Scientology was founded in Los Angeles in the 1950s by a science fiction author, L Ron Hubbard.
He said human beings contained the souls of Thetans - immortal creatures responsible for making the Universe.
However, the world has been invaded by dark forces - the Engrams - and individuals can be cleansed and enlightened only through intense therapy called Dianetics.
It is a costly process and the Scientologists expect their adherents to donate considerable sums."

I have read some of Hubbard's sci-fi and it is not very good. I would classify it as C- rating and not re-readable. If he were starting out today, I suspect he would be one of those pathetic, self-published authors on Amazon who post bogus 5 star reviews and try to charge $14.99 for an ebook.

Would I BUY into a 'religion' he invented? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

I have zero respect for the people who are gullible enough to join and despise those who are taking their money.