Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planning for the morrow

Friday should be a very busy day. I can open up the coop and let them out for the one 'warm' day; not that they are likely to venture out, but the option will be there. Then it's off to the dealership to get the car worked on, hoping that whatever killed the door power won't be horribly expensive. The first day working at the office since before the holidays began, including a Chinese lunch with my favorite coworker. Then, it's off to Costco for a stock up and, finally, a visit with my stylist to get the last haircut tweaked. I just can't get it to work and suspect that she was so distracted talking about her impending divorce that my hair paid the price.

During my time off I made use of Amazon Prime and checked out some of the free shows. Found a quirky/corny movie called Unicorn City that I liked. Watched a little Buffy, Primeval and Being Human. What finally hooked me was Star Trek: TNG. I skipped season 1 because it was dull (and I hated Tasha Yar) and am deep in season 2 now. It's so much fun to be reunited with the characters in episodes that I've completely forgotten over the years. It's been so captivating that I haven't even watched the new Sherlock episode yet!

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Tanya Walton said...

Wow...I can't believe how alike our TV tastes are!! Hope the car cost is low and that the return to work isn't too dreary!!