Sunday, August 10, 2014


It sounded so promising: 80% chance of rain, up to 1 inch overnight.

What did we get? Nothing! Again!

This is the first time I'm growing corn in the garden. I had a small patch to fill and Truckers Favorite seeds so I thought I'd give field corn a try. This is an heirloom variety and is just now beginning to tassel which is great because it makes it unlikely to cross with the gmo crap in the fields (which is long past this stage). What is startling is how it dominates the appearance of the garden and looks like it takes up a lot more space. I expect the chickens will love this treat.

The tiger lillies are doing great this year. Such a nice, hardy plant that reseeds easily.


Tanya Walton said...

I love corn and had such a good year with it last year i actually still have some left. This year though i ws late planting so I don't know if it will come to anything.

Love your lillie. They are me favourite flowers but because of the animals I don't have any in the garden.

Leigh said...

Hurray for Truckers Favorite! That's my variety of choice because the kernels are small enough for the chickens to eat whole. Good idea about timing planting and pollination to not cross with the GMO stuff.