Saturday, November 1, 2014

November enters stage left

Is it an omen when you greet a new month with an early morning dash to throw up and spend the rest of the day feeling grim? I don't know if it's the past six weeks of overwork catching up and weakening my system for a bug, but I wish I had finished that project already. It seems a waste to spend a Saturday doing the bare minimum: chicken chores and feeding the fire. On the other hand, the strong, cold wind wasn't conducive to outdoor activities.

Bright side: sunshine!

Now that the solar panel system is working again I've become a sun worshiper; grumbling with discontent on cloudy days. I've also noticed a tendency to monitor and try to cut down on the electricity we still get from the grid. That includes things the batteries can't support like the electric stove and water heater along with the circuits I didn't switch over while I get a feel for what it can handle. I've also ordered a new high efficiency refrigerator which will cut down on the biggest drain on the batteries...except that it was back-ordered so will be waiting awhile.

The chickens are all doing fine. It's an adjustment for me to take them water every morning now that it's been freezing hard at night. And today I tried to give them their treats on the less windy side of the coop; they look so indignant about wind blown feathers. :)


Mama Pea said...

Hope you're over the nasty germs that had a hold on you. November is not my favorite month. In our area once the color season is done, it's a bleak landscape until the snow comes to stay. Everything seems black, white and gray. We can't let our mood be affected and turn those same colors!

Tanya Walton said...

Hope you are now feeling better. The weather ha took a turn here too and we have had some harsh frosts and frosty mornings this last week.