Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garden shame

I've avoided posting partly because the state of my garden is sad: planted late and already struggling with weeds. But no more hiding! Blemishes and defects revealed.

The small garden doesn't look too bad except for the stunted sizes and weeds on the outer rows.

The big garden is in serious trouble. The carrots and peas are overrun with grass and germination rates are not impressive. The beans in the middle seem to be doing the best.

Shallots and onions are what I began with on weeding. With my back troubles, I can only do so much before having to stop...and it's not enough.

My mom's potatoes are easily twice as large and already blossoming.

Luckily the earthboxes are doing well. Of course, that's what they're designed for so it doesn't say anything for my gardening abilities!

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