Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Sale

In my on-going quest to save money and reduce my debt I decided to put a book for sale on Amazon Marketplace. It was a duplicate copy in new condition but I hadn't tried selling on Amazon before so imagine my surprise to get a sold email just a couple hours later. That has spurred me on to find other items to list (no charge if it doesn't sell). I put a few other books on and now I'm listing my boxed sets of Upstairs, Downstairs.

I estimate it will take me about 3 years to become debt free. Maybe a bit longer since my son will be in college then. As a reward after I reach that point and have a 6 month emergency fund in place, I'm going to save up for a solar panel array. Woohoo!

My son turns 17 next week. He asked for more weights for his bench and I actually found some on Craigslist. I'll keep looking for more.

Now if only this headache would go away.

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