Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden update

We've been lucky with the weather apart from no moisture at all. I've covered the squash plants on a couple nights when we had frost warnings, but otherwise it's been warm.

Soon I'll be doing a big clear-out of the big garden, then I'm going to add in lots of compost and get it ready for next year! Not this weekend though, I need to paint my chicken gate and do some more work on the coop.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chicken pen

The wind wouldn't leave the coop door open today so I added a pop hole for the chicks. It took them all day to brave the new opening and then they weren't too impressed by the strong wind gusts so didn't stay outside long.

Here is an example of my handiwork - a homemade gate to separate the chicken pen from the dog pen. Poor old Jupiter would love to come play with the chicks...but it wouldn't be healthy for them!

Solar progress

The panels are up on the roof! Because I've got limited south-facing roof space these four are on the garage and the other four are on the house. Today should have been hook-up day, but my electrician bailed out at the last minute and has decided to have nothing to do with solar. My solar guy is making arrangements with his electrician to do the work.

More pictures as the work progresses.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Growl ;)

This was the result from a quiz I just took. Funnily accurate.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Selective invisibility

I got my hair done this week. It's a fairly rare event, averaging about twice a year. Last time nobody noticed that it was cut and colored so I told my stylist I wanted something with a little 'pop' this time. We decided to switch out one of the blond shades with red so my hair now has bands of three colors and it definitely pops. Everyone noticed at work and complimented the new look; my son called it 'cool'. So, what did my parents think? I'll let you know if they ever notice. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The second garden

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, my little garden didn't get planted in the spring. Instead, it got the dregs of the clearance racks of leftover plants in the middle of summer. Isn't it nice to see how well they've grown now that the big garden is practically empty?

Three and a half weeks

Lots of feathers and lots of attitude! So much fun too. What else could make a gardener say 'yay!' when finding caterpillars on her broccoli plants?

The tall chick with bright orange feet is Gandalf. The chick with feathers all the way to it's claws is Frodo and his sidekick is Sam of course. Frodo might be the first genius chicken; he's snagged every caterpillar on offer so far. Every thing a carer is supposed to have to teach a chick he has figured out without help: how to drink water and how to eat from the trough. If he's a rooster then the next generation of hens doesn't have a chance!