Friday, February 24, 2023


This was my Mount Everest. I shoveled past all the other drifts, but needed to get through this one to reach the chickens.

My face is frozen and my back hurts, but I reached the chickens!

The wind patterns were so strange. In over thirty years, I've never had drifts like these in the back yard. Especially with so little on the driveway. I have a smallish electric snowblower, but it can't handle wind-packed snow or uneven terrain. 

About thirty starlings and some sparrows in the coops.

Have you ever been so pooped there was no energy left to feel accomplishment?

Thursday, February 16, 2023

All caught up

This is the last unfinished needlepoint project finally finished. Funny side story: when I was adding the details I realized I had lost all the brown threads and ended up using embroidery floss instead. Then, after I hung it up...I found the missing browns in the bottom of my yarn bowl. I do have tendency to forget where I've put things.

Annoyingly, I've developed a stress fracture in my foot that is making life difficult.