Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lessons passed by

On a recent episode of Deal or No Deal (UK), the contestant mentioned being sent to the UK in 1964 by his parents to get him away from the 'troubles' in Cyprus. My first thought was 'What troubles?' All I knew of Cyprus was that it's an island near Greece and a popular holiday spot for tourists. Now, thanks to the internet I have a very basic understanding of what was happening there in the 60s and 70s.

How come this wasn't discussed in school? Isn't more recent history just as important as covering the (yawn) Civil War four years in a row? I should ask my parents if they remember this. How much is happening today that we don't hear about on the news?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A fruitful weekend

Here is the result of Saturday's labors: 9 quarts of apples. A co-worker had an abundance and gave me a box full of tart apples. After passing some on to my parents, I got busy peeling and slicing. In the middle of the winter, I now have these ready to transform into crumbles and pies.

A batch of zucchini bread is in the oven now and the house smells delicious.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crunching numbers

Now that the mid-month bills are paid I've worked up the budget for next month. It's fairly standard except the car insurance which comes due every six months hits in December so I'll set aside the $500 in November to have that covered. Really not bad considering that's also covering a 17 year old male driver.

It's hard to stay on track when I hit these frustrating times. I'm whittling away at the debt but not getting to see any paid in full. It really is human nature to quit trying when we don't get fast results. I won't quit, of course, because the one thing debt doesn't do if ignored is go away. It may take longer than I hoped, but that's better than going further into debt.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing the girls!

They aren't too interested in exploring outside yet, but seem to be settling into the barn okay. I didn't get a rooster because they'll be living in town when I move them here. (Not that it's much of a town, but I still must consider my neighbors.)

I love the colors and patterns of their feathers and, of course, those awesome chaps on their legs! My very own hens.
I knew today was the last nice day we were going to have in the near future so a quick text to my boss over the weekend got me a day off. I finished clearing off the small garden and hauling the debris to the compost heap. Some digging, generous application of compost, and I finally got my garlic planted (all taken from this year's harvest). Lastly, I sorted the carrots. This was a bit sad because it simply was an awful year for them. The only good news: there are plenty of tiny carrots and greens for the guinea pigs. I still had to sort through and remove all the black walnut leaves and stems which the pigs can't eat.
Recently I was accused of being unsophisticated. Now picture me wearing my Robot Army tshirt and a ratty old gardening jacket, liberally splattered with mud and hands black with muck as I sorted the carrots. Not exactly cocktail party standards. Still, I'd be bored stiff at a cocktail party and I quite enjoy what I do, so it must have all worked out right.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy in a good way

We had nice weather! Taking advantage of that, I cleared out much of my garden, set up the pallet compost bin for garden waste and (exciting stuff here) bought hens!

They are lovely girls, 5 months old and very friendly; gold-laced cochin. I've been watching craigslist for young chickens that people won't want to keep over winter and these were only a few miles away. I don't have my coop yet so they will be boarding at the farm until I get that sorted. Pictures tomorrow. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our special friends

Isn't it amazing how pets know when we need support? I couldn't get to sleep last night then woke very early and had the same problem. My cat, who always sleeps by my feet, climbed on top of me and started purring. I could feel the tension melting away and finally got the rest I needed.
Unconditional love, with fur.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


There's been a confirmed case of H1N1 flu at my son's school. I hope the vaccines come here soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and the .....

rain rain rain came down down down...

Just a bit on the damp side today. ;)

I went shopping after work today and bought food to tempt my recalcitrant teenager. He's been trying to avoid insulin shots by skipping meals. This is just one of those adjustment phases we have to work through; trying to keep the physical and mental health balanced. At the very least it's a reminder of what is important and where my focus needs to be.

Monday, October 12, 2009


My work desktop today.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wedding recap

The wedding was great fun. I haven't been to one in over 15 years so I'm not sure what is normal anymore. The one part that seemed awkward was when they paused the ceremony to play a song over the speakers. And I know my face had a scornful expression when the pastor talked about a wife submitting to her husband. The reception was good. I got to see a side to some of my co-workers that I never would have imagined and my son dances like a wildman! The best man spoke for 28 minutes!!! and would have continued except the groom took away the mic. My son showed his sweet side by charming an elderly couple who didn't know any of the guests and were sitting alone until we joined them.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Really snow!

Although it's melting, we may get more tomorrow. No real accumulations forecast though...which is fine by us.
There is something about weddings that makes me consider life, choices, and crossroads. I have no way of knowing where I would have ended up if I hadn't eloped twenty years ago. I do know I wouldn't be here with the son I have so there is no doubt in my mind at all that I chose the right path.

In the near future there will be changes; my son will go to college and become more independent every time I see him. This is supposed to happen and he will carve out his own path to follow.

I thought I would be taking a new path too. A chance to share a future of new experiences, adventures, and companionship. I may have misunderstood. Confused and disoriented, I want to shout 'What the hell just happened?' but nobody will answer.

Instead, I will put on the mask that tells the world that everything is fine. (I perfected this when my husband was drinking himself to death.) At least I have my blog now to release some of the pressure.

Dum dum de dum....

We're going to a wedding this afternoon. In honor of the situation, my son got a haircut and his first SHAVE!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


If you haven't visited Trauma Queen's blog yet I encourage you to do so and check out the link to his best posts. Today's ( was good for a chuckle...especially for someone of my advanced years.


This looks funny but I've got too many half-grown peppers to give up to the cold so I dug them up and resettled them in the basement.

There's something so pretty about onions. Mine didn't get very big this year, but I don't use a lot when cooking anyway so these suit us fine.

I finally lost another pound bringing my grand total up to eight. It does make it a bit easier knowing that not going on a food binge has rewards. I even got up and exercised this morning. My hand/wrist stopped hurting days ago so that was just a short-term problem.

I'm taking my son in for a flu shot today. I won't bother for myself, but I'd rather play it safe and avoid any complications from illness with his diabetes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

so messed up

Last night I wanted chocolate. Not just a taste or a piece, I wanted it all. Binge. Where others might drink too much, use drugs, or take risks to escape I eat. Yesterday was the moment when all the overwhelming, confusing and painful thoughts and feelings peaked. Is it an improvement that I recognized what was happening inside my head? I went straight home after work and watched a kids movie on tv (Zathura). Curled up on the sofa with a very large cat anchoring me down and knitting needles keeping my hands busy I was safe. I knew there was no possibility that I would drive 8 miles in the rain to buy candy, especially when I couldn't stand the thought of seeing and talking to people.

My big brother has a thick skin. I picture him impervious to hate, cruelty and unkindness. A modern superman. I wish I were strong like him.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I mentioned to my son that it occurred to me while cleaning the bathroom on a Saturday night that my life is a bit lacking in glamour and excitement. His reply, "Mom, the last thing you need in your life is glamour and excitement."

I'm still chuckling.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello, October

Something is wrong with my right hand/wrist focused between the thumb and arm. I could pay the $30 copay and ask my doctor about it, but I already know he'd say not to use it until it feels better. I've discovered that I'm basically crippled when trying to only use my left hand, so this is a good time to train myself to use the left more often. Even little things like the computer mouse are tricky!

October is here with a wet and chilly entrance. Over 2 inches of rain and a possible freeze tonight combined to get me to start the furnace for the first time. I've covered the pepper plants to protect them from a light freeze which should be the worst we face.

I still need to plant the garlic for next year and dig the carrots (a little too muddy right now).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not a good day

It's pouring rain...still. It could be worse; I could be one of the people who work outside or who need the crops to dry out.

An upset stomach morphed into a nasty headache so the times I would normally be the most productive were bad.

I keep getting twinges of pain where I had shingles last year...worrying.

On the plus side, my 55 gallon barrel arrived today. This weekend I'll get it cleaned out thoroughly and set up in the basement with an emergency water supply.