Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Hyacinth dismounted from her tree on the other side of the fence which put her in an empty pasture. Sadly I couldn't help her as I have no access to it. Instead, she spent the day pacing the fence-line, wanting back in but unable to figure out the logistics. One scary moment was when a dog-owner let his loose and it raced for the fence, but my neighbor's dog wasn't having any of that and chased it out of her territory.

Pet peeve for people who own hunting dogs and keep them penned up all the time without proper exercise and socializing.

Anyway, Hyacinth was back on her roosting branch tonight, so hopefully she lands correctly in the morning. In other flock news, I hoped the culling of the roosters would encourage more egg laying but it's dropped right down to zero eggs. I hauled out the extension cord and hung a light in the coop. It was almost comical how many burnt out bulbs I found before getting one that works.