Monday, April 27, 2020


I'm on the computer so I can post pictures, mostly out of date, but still...

When you can't wait to be served:

But your coop is clean:

So that's where all the poop went:

I made this for my great-niece:

Now the pattern is available as a whale! So tempting. :)

Friday, April 24, 2020

New arrivals

My chicks started hatching Tuesday evening...Yay!

But that meant today I needed to set up their cage with water, feed and heat; all of which were in the basement. Long story short: I got the equipment hauled up and 13 babies are out of the incubators and busy doing chicky things. I love watching them sleep.

13 chicks (so far) is a very low hatch rate, indicating that Galahad has probably decided to retire from the chasing hens part of his duties.

Not so surprising, my foot is stiff and achy tonight, making it impossible to sleep.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Still limping

But also, still improving. Note I can now describe it as limping with a cane as opposed to lurching.

My parents are amazing people. I had set up the incubators in the basement, but the time had come to remove the eggs from the turners (if they hatch their legs can be injured by being caught by the motorized turner). My parents came over and moved the incubators upstairs so I can reach them.

Passing the time while immobilized: Crochet projects - yes! The trouble is I can't read and crochet at the same time which leaves me looking for something to watch. It can't be too real and dramatic because there's too much of that going on all over the world right now. I watched Despicable Me last night. That's about the right level of drama for me. :)

I found Amazon/IMDB have shows that can be watched for free with ads. Fair enough; I can always hit the mute button for the commercials, but O M G, are people really getting paid to make those? I don't watch television so don't know if that is the standard for all ads, but all of these are either stupid or incredibly annoying. For example: after watching one for Alexa, I decided to never, EVER use it. Perhaps not the reaction they were aiming for.

On a related note; I've been watching an old sci-fi show called Fringe where the FBI is chasing down stuff straight out of a conspiracy nut's dreams. And then I read on the BBC that there are actually people who believe cell phone towers are spreading viruses...aha! I got it - those are the viewers the commercials are aimed at. Now it all makes sense. ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Foot extensor tendonitis

I have some good photos to make a nice post. Unfortunately, they are on my desktop so are out of reach at the moment. Soon, though, I will make that nice post.

I'm making this post so I have a record for the next time I get a symptom like this, I will remember it better. For the record: there was no injury to cause this. Monday my foot started twinging a little and by Tuesday it was full-blown pain across the top with swelling and redness. I can't walk, only lurch around. I've learned to plan everything around bathroom trips; changing out the ice pack, refilling my water, putting some snacks in a bag to take back to the chair I now live in.

Crutches would have helped and I have a pair, but as they are in the basement they might as well be on the moon. I am going to make some storage adjustments when this is over. I use a sturdy support to get to the kitchen, the only non-carpeted room, there I scoot around on my desk chair, then on to another support to reach the bathroom. Aleve helps with the swelling and an unlaced, cushioned shoe offers some stability.

Today was day 5 and it is measurably less painful. If the improvement continues, maybe I can take a shower soon! My neighbor has stepped in on the chicken chores and I'm grateful and happy to have her take the eggs.

Better soon!