Sunday, July 5, 2015

Going to work to rest?

I took pictures of my garden just in case the storm tonight is a doozy and it gets flattened again. But I'm not at my computer so won't be putting any in this post. I still have carrots and onions that are overrun with weeds, but will keep plugging away as I can. Peas, beans and potatoes are blooming. Yay!

My son took three hens out to his friend who is keeping chickens for the first time. They have an entire yard to explore and are settling in nicely. By the following afternoon they had produced six eggs, so no stress there.

Saturday I laid out the drip hoses and watered the big garden. I also had a load of laundry hung out so, naturally, it rained. With no chance mentioned in the forecast, we got 1.5". Since they've been predicting storms tonight for days it would be ironic if we didn't get anything.

I've noticed that I have much less tolerance for heat than I used to. Only low 80s and I can't deal with it. We're not even into the hot months yet.

I did get my first cherry tomato today. Even with the hail blemishes - yum.