Saturday, March 4, 2017


I've been sorting through the clothes that are the next size down (because I kept them all) and finding what fits me now, what is close to fitting, and what can go back in the closet for later. The bittersweet moment was realizing that by the time a pretty sweater fits, it will be summer and by next fall/winter, it will be too big.

Funnily, I've always thought of myself as 'apple' shaped, but since I'm fitting into tops but not even close to the trousers, apparently I'm really 'pear' shaped.

The word 'determined' keeps cropping up; in comments from friends and something my son said to describe my weight loss. I considered my attitude to be stubborn, but determined sounds nicer. :)

I almost blew my day by buying a snack food that I enjoy too much. I could try to place the blame on the sinus headache the wind brought to me, but it was pure self-indulgence. I scraped by with 5 calories left on the day, but I'm very aware that I would have kept eating if the bag wasn't empty. Obviously, I'm not buying those again any time soon.

Here's hoping that the wind dies down tomorrow and I can hang laundry outside and go for a bike ride.