Sunday, December 22, 2019

Join me down memory lane?

I have a decent dvd selection; nowhere near as extensive as some I've seen simply because I try to limit my purchases to things I'll want to watch again. Even so, I've made some mistakes. For example: I won't watch I, Legend twice because I can't bear to see the dog die, which I should have realized before buying it.

I used to know someone who had hundreds of movies bought and kept on the cloud. He would keep buying even with dozens that he hadn't got around to watching even once. Personally, I prefer to have a physical copy just so I can watch even if the internet is down locally. Technically, I could also watch off the solar batteries if the power was out, but the television tends to be a power hog, so it's doubtful I would make that choice.

This weekend, I went browsing in my dvd library for something to strike my fancy and got the 'aha!' moment when I spotted M*A*S*H. We used to watch it as a family when I was young and it's triggered a lot of memories. Like only having three network channels and PBS to choose from (and only those if the weather was good). We didn't even own a vcr; we had to go to town to rent one. The patience my parents must have had to deal with the choosing the movie to rent debates. Some things you don't really appreciate until you look back after many years.

Now I'm just regretting not having bought more than the first two seasons of the show.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


I was sick yesterday. Funnily enough, my first thought was I must have picked up something while shopping on Saturday; completely ignoring the fact that I'm surrounded by sickness every day at work.

What was fascinating to me was my lack of tolerance for coolness when ill. Covered with throws and at least one cat at all times, the fire roaring, and I was freezing even though the temperature read 70F! In contrast, this morning it was back down to 59F and felt perfectly fine.

I am very glad it was a short illness and I'm sure they will be glad at work too. My evening shift is very hard to fill at the last minute like that.

I learned something interesting while shopping: apparently, the midwest is becoming a popular area for customer service centers because of our lack of accent.

Monday, December 9, 2019


This morning the sparrows were scrabbling around on the bathroom window sill; their way of communicating that the feeders were empty? Definitely got the cat's attention.

After doing chores I stayed outside to do a bit of the driveway, only an inch or so of snow, but I'm trying not to pack any down with the car tires. I didn't get much done before I gave in and came inside to warm up. My fingers hurt so much from that short of time. I need to go back out and do more, but I'm dreading it even more now. The sad thing is it's not even that cold out; 7F with a feels like of -11. It's yuck, but it will get much worse. I'm a wimp this year.

I don't understand how some people can stand to dress like it's summertime. I saw a woman yesterday in shorts and a tank top with just the lightest of jackets. Meanwhile, I look like an enormous brown bear when I venture out.

No new possums last night. Hopefully, the five we've dealt with in the last couple weeks were the entire clan.

When the woodpecker peeps from the trees, I like to imagine it's saying thanks for the suet block because bugs are hard to get this time of year. :)