Sunday, April 14, 2019

Could I be more disorganized?

Last November I bought a 12-pack of C size batteries. Today, when my flashlight gave up the ghost, I looked for that package which should still hold 9 batteries. I've identified many places where it isn't; logical places like with the other regular batteries or even with the rechargables and illogical places (any flat surface I may have set them)...nothing.

This isn't the first time I find myself growling in frustration as I hunt for something I know I've purchased. I just wish I would learn to be more careful and, dare I say, organized.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Move more

I needed to drop off my utilities payment tonight so grabbed my car keys and walked out to the street; where I stopped and wondered why I would drive two blocks when it was so warm out (23F, wind chill of 12F). Especially when I had been annoyed by my lack of exercise! Thus, I went for a walk.

Some new additions were visiting the bird feeders today, three mourning doves. Loki sat in the porch window and made that weird, hunting-cat noise at them.

We only got 3" of snow with yesterday's storm. Hopefully, the doom-sayers calling for another 30 to 40 inches this month are just being silly. Will have to wait and see on the next system coming through this week.

More training in the ER for work. It's not bad when there are people around, but I don't like the feeling of isolation in the late evening. Very glad I'm not slated to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

My garden in March

Since Leigh posted her garden, I thought I'd show mine. For perspective, my garden beds are 3 feet tall.

But if I look at it too long I get depressed.

How about this one...can you see the solar panels?

No? Well, neither can the sun. I did use the snow rake to pull some of it off in hope that someday solar will be a thing in South Dakota again.

How about some flowers...these were mums by my driveway. The driveway I had to get towed out of and can't use now.

On a happier note: the birds are loving the seed I buy. They empty one feeder every day.

There were three blue jays hanging around also. Does anyone know the identity of the bird with the stripes on its wings? I wish I knew more about wild birds.

Finally, I found these still on my camera:

Such a nice reminder of what is to come.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

For love of

Books! One of my recommended Kindle books this morning was Time for the Stars by Heinlein. I couldn't resist taking that journey into the past and found it just as delightful as in my youth. That led me to digging around in the tucked away books of my library where I found seven of his paperbacks. Interestingly, they are all from his "Juveniles" collection. I never enjoyed his grown-up books; too dark and preachy for my taste.

The other author I pulled out was Lawrence Watt-Evans; now to find out if his work also holds up to the test of time. The books I'm putting away in disappointment are Piers Anthony's Xanth series. I remember loving those, but now they seem flat and contrived. Maybe some future generation will enjoy them again. I didn't bring out my H. Beam Pipers; those are already on my Kindle - true classics.

I forced myself to bring in more firewood, fill the bird feeders and hang up laundry before settling back down with a new, old book. See you among the stars!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bits of this or that

The flower shops were delivering to the hospital all day; bouquets, balloons, and boxes of chocolate. Sadly, I still can't smell anything (darned cold) and could only admire the beauty of the roses. One thing I did notice was all the deliveries were to the young (30s and under) wives and girlfriends. Nothing for the women who have been married for decades. Is romance for the young? Or just romance on demand per arbitrary holidays?

The other day I came home feeling worn out from trying to learn new procedures while fighting the horrible head-cold. Then, heading out to do chores, I spot a woodpecker industriously pecking away at the feed block I bought just for it. Hooray! Funny to see all the tiny mouse tracks in the snow under the feeder, too.

I watched a teen leaving the clinic with her mom, take off the mask she had been asked to wear for others' safety, throw it away and walk into the cafeteria. Grrrrr. Influenza is rife in town.

Sometimes when asked if I'm ready to check someone in, I have to fight the urge to mimic Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served with a cheery 'I'm free!'

We're still getting new snow almost every day; light stuff that swirls around the buildings and blows constantly. So, with all this snow pushed across the roads, creating near-whiteouts, I'd expect most to drive with their headlights on...or not. I wonder how many drivers are so used to their vehicles turning the lights on automatically that it never crosses their minds that it can be daylight and still very difficult to see. Drive carefully!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


If someone could come up with a cure for the common cold I would fully support them receiving the Nobel Prize. How can something non-fatal make me so utterly miserable? Not to mention, by taking in so many fluids yesterday, my bladder had me up and down all night. :)

Other grumble-worthy stuff: still too cold to let the chickens out, even if they would venture out into the deep snow. Eggs are all frozen. And it's snowing again today...and tomorrow. I've run out of lettuce. So many dishes to wash.

There has to be something good to say...the fire is burning nicely. I spent yesterday curled up with an old favorite book. Yep, that's all I can think of.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Stretching my brain muscles

I made it through the first week of my new job. So much to learn! Every other patient I have to jump up and ask someone how to do something. By the end of the month I should have new insurance cards down pat. :)

Each morning when I get dressed I send a mental 'thank you so much' to my sister who sent me her ENTIRE wardrobe of business/dressy tops. Not having appropriate clothes can be very stressful; I will definitely support the charities who help with that.

Back to the weather (because that's what small talk is in South Dakota), we started warming up on Friday and Saturday was gorgeous. Almost too nice because today didn't go above freezing and all the mush has frozen into bumpy, slick walking hazards. Back to normal tomorrow with the highs only reaching single digits above zero.

It's been fun to see the chickens traipsing back and forth between the two coops after a week shut inside. Kraken has a bad case of frostbit comb, but it isn't slowing him down at all. In important news: I finally settled on a name for my stealth rooster; he's a buff-laced polish and waited to start crowing until after the extra roosters were moved out of the flock. Slender, jumpy and quick to run away...he is a Rincewind through and through. (If you don't get the reference, get yourself to the library and read Terry Pratchett!)