Saturday, June 17, 2023

The brain struggles

A couple weeks ago I bought a box of oxyclean for the laundry. I remember picking it up with one hand from the trunk and noticing how light it was (shrinkflation). And then it disappeared. 

When I started looking for it, I assumed I got distracted and set it down in a random place. I checked the garage, porch and basement. Then I checked them again. And again. 

Today I was in the basement for another issue, and found myself scanning for the blue box. Wondering why I didn't just put it on top of the washing machine and save all this bother, I finally focused on the clear plastic bag of oxyclean powder sitting right where it should. Why couldn't I see it before? Because I had already taken it out of the box to recycle cardboard, but I wasn't looking for a bag.


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