Sunday, July 20, 2014

I hate drama

I'd been holding off on writing a post because so much of my energy for the last month has been spent on getting a petition going and preparing for the town council meeting where I was going to fight the eviction of my chickens. So what happened? A big, fat nothing! I handed in the petition and they said they had to talk to their lawyer. Delayed until next month. Aaargh!!!!!

It's been a draining experience, but I've also met many nice people in the community...looking for a silver lining.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The happy garden

Keeping on if not keeping up.

The big garden isn't a disaster with weeds but definitely not pristine.

An order of green, split hardwood for future winters.

The potatoes do a good job of keeping weeds controlled by vigorous growth.

But the onions are a mess.

Update on the earthbox experiment:
Peas did not do well at all, peppers are holding their own, celery and leeks look good.

The broccoli are great, strawberries and dill are flourishing.

Lettuce are thriving, onions and dahlias are going well.