Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The happy garden

Keeping on if not keeping up.

The big garden isn't a disaster with weeds but definitely not pristine.

An order of green, split hardwood for future winters.

The potatoes do a good job of keeping weeds controlled by vigorous growth.

But the onions are a mess.

Update on the earthbox experiment:
Peas did not do well at all, peppers are holding their own, celery and leeks look good.

The broccoli are great, strawberries and dill are flourishing.

Lettuce are thriving, onions and dahlias are going well.


Compostwoman said...

Your potatoes are looking great, all ours now have early blight - fortunately they are all early or 2nd early varieties so there are good sized spuds there!

I can't see many weeds - ;)

tpals said...

Thanks, CW. I love your selective eyesight!

Tanya. said...

The gardeb is kooking great tpals...isn't it just so satisfying when you can harvest your own veggies!!

Forgive me though as i think I must have missed sometin somewhere along the line as i have no idea what your 'earth boxes' are but I really would love to hear about them.

tpals said...

I'll do an earthbox post soon for you, Tanya.