Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday evening

Still brutally cold (will winter ever ease its grip?), not that the weather really changes what we do of an evening, and we are clustered around the fire.

The frozen chicken water thaws next to the stove - for some reason the cats prefer it to their own water as Trigger demonstrates.

 Sassy enjoys the extended nap time that an elderly cat deserves.

 Tommy snuggles on the softest item he can find and closest to a possible petting at my feet.

Loki plays with one of those expensive toys we provide for our cats...the empty paper bag.

In a gesture defiant of winter, today I ordered more fruit trees: 2 plum, a peach and some grapes. I suspect this may be a year when, after we have given up hope, springtime will leap out and shout 'Boo!' More snow tomorrow and dangerous wind chills. Aargh.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Where did these light switches come from and why don't they turn anything on?

Why did my mom leave cherry stems and stones on the bathroom floor?

Why can't I pee?

Answer: It's a dream!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Too much sharing

My coworkers seem determined to share the worst of themselves. This time, it's a horrid cold. Why can't sick people stay home instead of making everyone else sick too? I know if I still feel this bad in the morning, I won't be going to work.

It's been bitterly cold outside as well still. I try to get some extra treats out to the chickens when the weather is foul; today they got warm rice. I've noticed that even with plenty of feed available, boredom makes them more likely to eat eggs. We're all ready for spring!

This corner doesn't look like much, does it? What it represents though, is a space that has been thoroughly decluttered and organized! For more months than I care to guess this had become a dumping ground for everything that didn't get put away immediately. Then, because I didn't feel up to all stayed and attracted more stuff. Yesterday I turned on music and just started in on the sorting. My cold slowed me down enough that it took all day, but how nice to be done. :)

My son was definitely unimpressed. I didn't realize that he doesn't mind clutter as long as it isn't in his way!