Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eclectic Music

I listen to a lot of music while working. Usually I'll let the player shuffle and enjoy the strangeness of one of Brent Spiner's big band renditions followed by classic Elvis or edgy P!nk. Other times I'll pick a song and let entire albums play out.

I've been enjoying Robbie Williams' latest album. It reminds me of a visit to Glasgow where a friend introduced me to his music. In one of life's little oddities - I lost track of that friend and can't even remember his name, yet I still get great pleasure from Robbie.

After the media player finished with that album it automatically began on the next:
And that has been equally delightful in an entirely different style.


Even in the midst of a frozen wasteland, there is beauty.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Aerogarden update

All the lettuce has sprouted. So fun to see green again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All the sleepy kitties

All the sleepy kitties
Put your paws up

...or not.


It's unusual to see all four this close together. Yesterday I excavated the lost cat toy graveyard and this was the aftermath of a frenzied time playing with the toys they had forgotten.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updating the blog list again

I find myself feeling impatient with the negative tone of so many of the survival bloggers lately that I've been avoiding them. Somehow, with the promise of spring around the corner and so much to do getting ready for gardening season, it seems wrong to focus energy on bad news.

Instead, I decided to beef up my blog list with more that are green, growing and creative. And, because My Freezer is Full offers so much that I enjoy and admire, I've begun the search there. So far, I've made it through the letter A of her list. :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thyroid kicks butt

Background: two months ago when the nurse was drawing blood to check for diabetes and cholesterol, I asked that they also check the thyroid levels. When the results came back and no mention was made of the thyroid, I assumed everything was fine. Life went on but I was feeling worse all the time to the point that I was struggling to function yet was told to get used to it. Then, vanity struck; I've been losing my hair. Everything online pointed to the thyroid and last week I called the doctor's office and asked what the results actually showed...they hadn't checked it! Back I went and the next day received the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and a prescription. After only two days on the meds I could feel a difference and was able to do things. I nearly cried with relief that I wouldn't have to live in misery.

Washing eggs: I love all the different shades and sizes. The chickens have always been a bright spot even when other things go wrong.

I cleaned and started up the aerogarden with lettuces. 

Last, but not least, not only did I have the energy to cook dinner, I also baked zucchini bread AND washed the dishes!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adjusting to diabetes

It's been about six weeks since I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It's currently being controlled with diet and medication. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that there wasn't any damage to my kidneys and my vision has returned to what it was before (I did enjoy the couple of weeks when my distance vision was so good that I didn't need glasses when driving!).

I keep a blood glucose test kit in my purse and extra meds in case I'm stranded away from home. Once past the emotional response, it hasn't been that bad mostly; because my son is Type 1 I already had most of the information needed. Probably the worst aspect are the side effects which cause frequent stomach pain and general yuckiness. On the plus side: I have been losing weight and am eating healthier.