Monday, December 10, 2018

Best not to compare

What I get done is laughable compared to other bloggers, but I felt really good about washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom this weekend. So good, in fact, that I rewarded myself with a new bookshelf to keep everything I want close by my favorite chair. Top shelf has a basket of yarn, jar of needles and a salt lamp. Next down is a stack of knitting and sketch books, knit kit, pencils, scissors and current project yarn. Down again is kleenix, remotes, current project, kindle and gun (in case the zombies break in suddenly). Bottom shelf holds more knitting books and open space for other items I haven't thought of yet.

My other reward for such amazing accomplishments (cough, cough) was starting a new knitting project and watching Flambards. Of course, now the theme song is running constantly in my head.

Does anyone have a convenient way to store circular knitting needles? I looked online and really like the idea of a cloth container with pouches marked with the needle sizes, but the ones I found  seemed either overpriced or shipped from China at such a low price it did not bode well.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

And so on

I haven't posted in a while; not really a lot of fun stuff to report: winter, work, bad cold, blah blah blah.

I trapped an opossum in the chicken coop on an evening when my son was home, so he shot it for me. Yay!

I've been knitting an ear warmer/headband for my mom. About halfway through I realized I misread the instructions; instead of size 10 needles, it said UK10 which should have been size 3. Being too stubborn to start over, I will have to figure out a way to double it up so it doesn't end up looking like a hat with a hole in the top.

Tonight I feel equal measures of virtuous and rebellious: I ate a lettuce salad made from romaine bought the day before the recall. Honestly, I'm not at all worried about illness; none of the reported cases were anywhere near me, 43 illnesses out of how many millions of lettuces eaten is pretty good odds and I'm the only one at risk since my son doesn't eat lettuce willingly.

Oh, yes, a weather update: we were forecast to have an ice storm followed by snow with blizzard type winds. The news has been howling about it for days. And we ice and a dusting of snow. At least they were right about the winds, but it's not that cold so even those don't seem so terrible.