Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alarums and Adventure!

Sitting peacefully in my house, I hear a loud bang and the fan stops. Everything on solar power is fine of course, but the grid power is gone. My neighbor and I go looking for the problem - it's a squirrel (very dead) on top of a transformer. Power is out only on our side of the street. Sadly, the computer is on solar so no excuse to stop working.

The other day a very strong wind from just the wrong direction closed the chicken pop door. When I went out to close it after dark I found chickens everywhere! Poor things locked out of their home at night. The first thing I did the next morning was add a latch to the door.

Another recent adventure: I was entering the chicken pen when Pippy slipped out the gate. They probably heard my shriek "Pippy! What are you doing?" in the next county. She only went a few steps before changing her mind. I stood back and swung the gate open and she scampered back inside. Phew!

Everything is bone dry and dusty. We have a chance of rain tomorrow, but less than a tenth of an inch is forecast and that's it for the next week. A long, slow drenching rain sounds heavenly.