Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alarums and Adventure!

Sitting peacefully in my house, I hear a loud bang and the fan stops. Everything on solar power is fine of course, but the grid power is gone. My neighbor and I go looking for the problem - it's a squirrel (very dead) on top of a transformer. Power is out only on our side of the street. Sadly, the computer is on solar so no excuse to stop working.

The other day a very strong wind from just the wrong direction closed the chicken pop door. When I went out to close it after dark I found chickens everywhere! Poor things locked out of their home at night. The first thing I did the next morning was add a latch to the door.

Another recent adventure: I was entering the chicken pen when Pippy slipped out the gate. They probably heard my shriek "Pippy! What are you doing?" in the next county. She only went a few steps before changing her mind. I stood back and swung the gate open and she scampered back inside. Phew!

Everything is bone dry and dusty. We have a chance of rain tomorrow, but less than a tenth of an inch is forecast and that's it for the next week. A long, slow drenching rain sounds heavenly.


Leigh said...

What is it with squirrels and transformers? We get a lot of that here too.

Long dry spells are worrisome, indeed. This is the time of year I should be seeding for winter pasture, but it's also a common time for a dry spell. By the time we get rain it's too cold to get much growth!

Tanya. said...

Well your power outage didn't seem too least your solar saved the day. Our solar doesn't work without the main supply. :-(

Here's hoping you get some rain soon.