Sunday, February 26, 2017


This is my main source of exercise:

Contrary to popular stereotypes, the only clothes that get draped on it are what I'm wearing for the next workout.

This is my new toy:

I've only got to use it a couple times when we had unusually warm weather, but I hope to put a lot of miles on this summer.

I have an old treadmill in the basement that I walk/jog on sometimes. Honestly, I don't really enjoy it. I'd rather walk outside where I can see everything and jogging is no fun at all. Example: I hit the stage of jogging where my lungs burned and ended up coughing for the rest of the morning. Yuck.

So, given that exercise is not needed to lose weight, why do I do it? Because I want to be healthy! Last week my doctor gave me permission to stop taking blood pressure medication. That alone makes me happier than all the pounds lost so far.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


My son loves weight lifting so he encourages me to do more even though I prefer cardio. Knowing it's good for me, I make the effort.

This morning I got on the treadmill because my feet weren't hurting (I know, weird) and instead of just walking, I tried jogging as well. I managed to jog for 90 second intervals! This was a major step for me.

Other news around the home: we had rain yesterday and the chicken pen has turned into a muddy bog. You know the comedies that show a boot being sucked right off a foot? That nearly happened to me. The eggs are so muddy! But I can't complain too much; the chickens love the warmer weather.

And another week begins...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Busy, busy

What a week! Last week I stepped out of my rut twice and did things I haven't done in many years.

First, I went to a community theater production of Calendar Girls. Thoroughly enjoyable; now I want to go to more plays.

Second, my son and I went to see Twenty One Pilots in concert. Not quite as overall enjoyable. The venue was very busy with two basketball games, a car show and the concert so parking was a nightmare; in the end we parked far away and hiked in. The show started at 7:00 with two opening bands which were less than memorable. They finished at 8:20 and there we sat, in the dark, for the next 40 minutes before the main show began. I have to say that TOP put on a terrific concert. Everything one could hope for. But, if I could go back in time, I would have stayed away until right before they went on and we both would have had a lot more fun.