Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not a bad day here. The turkey turned out good and we both ate too much. Yikes! What a mess the kitchen is...looks like I'll be taking lots of scraps over to the hens tomorrow. That'll make for some happy chickens and maybe they'll get in gear and start laying again. No football and parades here. We both had good books to devour and there were Clean House episodes on that I hadn't seen yet. Lovely holiday.

Last night I was planning on a girl's night out with Carrie, but she was trapped at work by unreliable co-workers. Michael made for an entertaining stand-in while we waited. I hope he does decide to build a green house; it's not something many are attempting here and would be fascinating to observe what they decide to incorporate into the design.

By the time Carrie finished it was too late for shopping (and she was exhausted anyway) so a late meal and some girl talk (sorry M) rounded off the evening.

Right! Time to tackle the kitchen and get ready for tomorrow. Black Friday shopping? No Way! I'm determined to clean up the basement. Yes, I'm as mad as the shoppers...just in my own way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More thoughts

Do men in general not feel the need to touch and be touched? Or was it my bizarre luck to fall for the one man who wasn't bothered by five years without hugs, holding hands, kisses...anything.

I could understand doing without if there was a reason for being apart, but it about drove me mad that he made the choice not to be together. Five bloody, freaking years without a single kiss.

Is it possible to be starved for touch?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Falling up

It's nights like this that find me standing at the back door, groceries hanging forgotten in my hands, head tilted, and staring straight up until I'm dizzy. It's cold out but not bitter and the night sky is crystal clear. I could fly, float, fall into the stars. Unbelievably beautiful.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


How did the weekend slip by so fast? It seems like the only thing I accomplished was putting casters on the kitchen island to protect the new floor. It didn't help that I put in at least five hours on work today. I did manage to sneak in a break to watch an episode of Hustle. I've got a big crush on Robert Glenister. How ironic that I'm attracted to an English con-man.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday we were informed at work that my manager is being demoted and next week his replacement starts. Of course, the new boss is someone I don't get along with (to put it mildly). I don't trust him and I'm scared that a job I enjoyed is going to turn into a place I hate. This is the first time I can truly understand how upset my ex was when his good boss was replaced with a tosser he couldn't respect. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. My defenses were already shattered from the breakup and now this.

Monday, November 17, 2008


A few weeks ago I saw a coyote by the highway. This was very unusual; skunks, foxes, badgers are common around here, but I'd never seen a coyote before. A neighbor has been seeing LOTS of them following the railroad tracks about a mile from my parent's farm. Why are they moving east? Have the west-river ranchers stopped running sheep? Curious...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hooray for the internet

I confess that plumbing is not my favorite pastime. So much so that I would gladly have a plumber on retainer if I were filthy rich. Imagine how grateful I am for all those helpful websites that guide me (with illustrations!) on pesky little plumbing jobs. Today I removed the popup stopper from the bathroom sink; allowing me to clean it with baking soda and vinegar (yes, green). Now, woosh, down the drain the water flows...not oozes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Why is it supposed to be helpful to talk about your problems? I could tell someone that the guy I loved for the last five years stopped loving me...they could agree that it sucks...and then what? More details? Yes, I saw the signs that he was losing, I don't know, he didn't say anything. Awkward pause...

And what's with the fade away exit? Why no exit line? I can think of some great ones:
I'm taking a sensitive position and you're a security risk.
I'm bisexual and my boyfriend is jealous.
I won the lottery and I'm not sharing.
I'm bored.

So, I accept that I won't know the whys and get on with everything else that has to be done. I can still be thankful for the good: friends and family who care, a job I enjoy, a home I love, and so many fascinating things to learn and try. I'm feeling more centered now than I have in months. I'm doing fine.

Fog Driving 101

After this morning's fog I thought it's time for a refresher on the basics.

1. Turn your lights on! This day, of all days, you need to be visible. Please.

2. Leave early. Yes, this is for you, young lady. Tailgating and passing when you couldn't see what was coming = stupid. If you can't get yourself out the door early enough to be on time then suck it up and accept that you will be late. There is nothing worth risking your life or the driver of the pickup truck you didn't see. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There's a sheet of ice covering everything this morning and more accumulating as the freezing rain continues. I'm relieved school was called off because I wasn't looking forward to trying to drive there and I definitely wouldn't let my son drive himself!
No 'snow day' for me when my work comes home in the thumbdrive. grumble

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winter is really here

It could have been much worse, out west river they were dumped on with over 40 inches of snow in one day. Like every year, my initial reaction is a cry of 'I'm not ready!' Brrrr, I was literally not ready when I stepped out into my frigid porch yesterday morning and looked around for my snowboots...I actually expected to have them handy even though I haven't seen them since last winter. I unearthed the trusty boots in the basement and a new season has begun. Ugh. I don't think I've enjoyed winter since I was a kid. The bitter north wind that joined in this morning hasn't helped my attitude!

On a brighter note, I've finally got a working breadmaker! The aroma of freshly baked bread even lured the teen out of his cave (the new Gears of War 2 was holding him captive). Yum.

The work on the kitchen floor continues. Fortunately, I have Tommy ready to pitch in and keep my spot warm while I'm busy elsewhere.