Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not a bad day here. The turkey turned out good and we both ate too much. Yikes! What a mess the kitchen is...looks like I'll be taking lots of scraps over to the hens tomorrow. That'll make for some happy chickens and maybe they'll get in gear and start laying again. No football and parades here. We both had good books to devour and there were Clean House episodes on that I hadn't seen yet. Lovely holiday.

Last night I was planning on a girl's night out with Carrie, but she was trapped at work by unreliable co-workers. Michael made for an entertaining stand-in while we waited. I hope he does decide to build a green house; it's not something many are attempting here and would be fascinating to observe what they decide to incorporate into the design.

By the time Carrie finished it was too late for shopping (and she was exhausted anyway) so a late meal and some girl talk (sorry M) rounded off the evening.

Right! Time to tackle the kitchen and get ready for tomorrow. Black Friday shopping? No Way! I'm determined to clean up the basement. Yes, I'm as mad as the shoppers...just in my own way.

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