Monday, December 1, 2008

Family history

I've been reading a ranching blog and it's got me thinking more about the ranching history in my own family. My grandparents had a ranch out in western South Dakota and my mom grew up there. It's hard to imagine looking at her and comparing this woman with the photos of a dusty, red-head kid on horseback. It was far from idyllic and I wouldn't have traded places with my cousins for all the horses in the world (the only thing I envied). What I do love is looking at the photos, remembering the stories, and knowing that these places and people were what shaped who we are today.

I'm going to see what pictures I can dig up and scan in for a little history lesson from real people in the midwest. This one I already had on the computer. It's my great-grandfather Ray Carr taking horses to sell in town.

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