Sunday, December 14, 2008


Gah! I'd much rather have piles of snow than this wind. It's still snowing, but the wind is evil. We're not supposed to get above zero (-17 C) for the next few days. The wind chill is now at -40 (for F or C!). I'm annoyed that I didn't bring any work home this weekend. If I had we could just hunker down tomorrow and not worry about driving in this. (School is already delayed.) My dog will only pee in the dog pen so I have to bundle up and walk her way out back to her 'spot'. At least she doesn't waste any time on a day like this! I'm not used to having both dogs inside all day feels like a zoo in here.

Tonight I say: stay off the roads, stay safe, stay warm.

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Val Grainger said...

I've tagged you for a green meme. The details are on my blog, play along if you want to.