Friday, April 28, 2023

Thoughts and things

The siren test happens around noon on Fridays here. It's sounding right now. My first reaction is always "The Germans are coming!" because I've watched a lot of WWII movies. Probably should change that to the Russians.

Chicks began hatching yesterday, day 20 in the incubator. Seven out and more working on it today. Usually they start earlier than that so I thought it was going to be a small hatch rate. I still think I'll hatch out a second batch because food prices aren't likely to improve. 

Poor Gru, my wild turkey, all puffed up and gobbling, but no ladies to admire him in his spring finery.

It's still cold for the end of April, about a month behind. The lilac leaf buds are just starting. 

Friday, April 21, 2023

Making do

I struggle to keep some houseplants alive. Part of the problem is chronic low humidity. Even right next to a humidifier, it's a fight to reach 40% in the winter. While I would love a dedicated plant cabinet, watching them thrive here at all is wonderful.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Painting again

It's been months since I started helping my son paint his apartment. You know those shows where some idiot goes exploring in abandoned mental hospitals? That's what his walls looked like; grubby, stained, dented and abused from years of people not caring.

Every time our schedules meshed, the weather beat us back down. Until last night! The little bit of snow and rain didn't stop me and we got the living room painted. Clean walls with bright color! That gave me a good feeling of accomplishment.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Winter, winter, winter...summer!

The last two days were in the 80s! How insane to go from lots of snowdrifts to summer heat overnight. I've been moving the wood pile under cover so it can dry out even if we get rain this weekend. Also, contacted my firewood guy so he will be ready when the ground isn't so mushy. Moving stuff is a bigger event as I get older, back and hip pain.

The incubator is loaded with eggs and I've been seeing baby calves in the pastures. Fun times.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Elbow update

 Most of the pain is gone. Yay! Suspect it was something tendon related, not arthritis.

Summary: two days of serious pain and restricted mobility. Two days of moderate pain. Yesterday was strong aching but mobility almost normal. Today just a dull ache.

Still avoiding heavy lifting with that arm for a few more days to be sure it doesn't regress.

More good news: Time for warmer weather! Yesterday's freezing rain was cracking and falling off the trees this morning. Crazy loud and the chickens wouldn't go outside.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Quick! Before it freezes again

Today is a bit warmer, not what they predicted, but at least enough to mush up the ice a little. I decided to raise the chicken pen gate out of the pool of water that shouldn't be there. Easier than hacking through the ice or wasting money on animal-friendly ice melt for the rest of winter.

Next batch of bad weather expected Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, boy.

Side note: My fingernails are oddly brittle lately. Elbow still hurts.