Sunday, March 10, 2019

Move more

I needed to drop off my utilities payment tonight so grabbed my car keys and walked out to the street; where I stopped and wondered why I would drive two blocks when it was so warm out (23F, wind chill of 12F). Especially when I had been annoyed by my lack of exercise! Thus, I went for a walk.

Some new additions were visiting the bird feeders today, three mourning doves. Loki sat in the porch window and made that weird, hunting-cat noise at them.

We only got 3" of snow with yesterday's storm. Hopefully, the doom-sayers calling for another 30 to 40 inches this month are just being silly. Will have to wait and see on the next system coming through this week.

More training in the ER for work. It's not bad when there are people around, but I don't like the feeling of isolation in the late evening. Very glad I'm not slated to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

My garden in March

Since Leigh posted her garden, I thought I'd show mine. For perspective, my garden beds are 3 feet tall.

But if I look at it too long I get depressed.

How about this one...can you see the solar panels?

No? Well, neither can the sun. I did use the snow rake to pull some of it off in hope that someday solar will be a thing in South Dakota again.

How about some flowers...these were mums by my driveway. The driveway I had to get towed out of and can't use now.

On a happier note: the birds are loving the seed I buy. They empty one feeder every day.

There were three blue jays hanging around also. Does anyone know the identity of the bird with the stripes on its wings? I wish I knew more about wild birds.

Finally, I found these still on my camera:

Such a nice reminder of what is to come.