Tuesday, July 25, 2023


I keep first aid supplies scattered throughout the house. Some in the basement in case of injury while sheltering from a tornado, a kit in an emergency bag in case of evacuation by the door and some in a drawer near the bathroom. The trouble arises when I need an item but don't remember where it is. 

In this case, I want to find a finger splint I picked up at a dollar store. I have a cut knuckle that keeps opening and isn't healing. If I could immobilize it, I think it would do better. 

Which means I need to add sorting out the first aid materials to my list of projects. It's always something!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Dreaming of being bionic

My ankle is messed up...again. And, while keeping my foot elevated with an ice pack doesn't sound so bad for the hot weather that's heading my way, hobbling around the house in pain is something I would happily miss.

It reminds me of the bionic man show. About all I really recall is the cool sound when he was running, but imagine not having pain or repeating injuries. Bliss.

I shuffled out and did chores before it gets too hot. Fresh water for the chickens and a good soaking in the potato bed. Now I just have to make my way down to the basement to turn off the water again. (Cue bionic sound effects)