Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everything changes. Yesterday was nothing special and today our lives were picked up, turned over, and pummeled into a new shape. My son, strong and active, went to see the doctor and was sent straight to hospital with blood sugar levels of 900. He was crying when he called to tell me he is diabetic. How could he not be overwhelmed when he knows his father died from complications that came from diabetes? By the time I reached the hospital he had calmed down and begun accepting it. I'm still not there yet. Tomorrow the education begins into insulin and nutrition.

An afternoon that lasted a lifetime.


Thomas said...

I wouldn't worry to much. They are making good progress on fixing the pancreas.

He just needs to take care of himself for a few years.

tpals said...

He's determined not to have all the complications his dad had and he takes pride in keeping fit. There's a good chance that he will take good care of himself.

Compostwoman said...

Hugs to you both,

It is a worry but I am sure he will be fine ..he sounds a very sensible young man...