Thursday, May 7, 2009

homemaker or not?

Since I follow a number of blogs that deal with being green, simplifying, frugal living and gardening I tend to come across an abundance that deal with the satisfaction of being a 'homemaker'. Something about those posts invariably produces a sneer on my face and the desire to read something blatantly sci-fi and action...Honor Harrington, anyone?

It's ironic because I am the homemaker; I have to be. I've been widowed for over 16 years. Who else was going to cook, clean, mother, work, shop, fix, mow...? Something inside of me rears up and roars at the idea of being anything remotely like a fifties housewife caring for her home though. I do not own an apron. Thank goodness.

I may be alone in my reaction because those posts seem to get a lot of agreeing comments. That's ok. I have the entire set of Honor books.


Compostwoman said...

The only apron *I* own is a gardening one. Covered in muck and chicken poo. With useful pockets for seeds, eggs, etc.

I suppost *I* too, am a homemaker...but I know what you mean about the word.....I feel a visceral shudder at the very idea..due to a "Stepford wives" take on the description...

but that is what I am..and actually I *am* proud to make a home for my loved ones, when it comes down to it ;-)

tpals said...

Something tells me if you were a 'proper' homemaker, Compostman would be making all the compost. Lol

Compostwoman said...


I would rather make compost than cake, that's for sure!

But I *do* like making chutney, wine, jam, drying food, growing food well