Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ah ha!

I thought yesterday was a great day for gardening...but it wasn't a patch on today! Warm, sunny day but with a nice breeze to keep me cool while working. It's fantastic having two nice days on the weekend.

When I was the youngest of four kids on a farm with a huge garden my job was weeding the onions (makes sense to give the easiest job to the least reliable worker). Even today nothing is quite as relaxing for me as sitting down next the onions and pricking out every single weed. I have some of the oddest cues to flashback to my childhood.

I planted out the cabbages I had started inside to fill in empty spaces. The peas are within a few days of being ready so I started a second batch and another row of carrots. I still have a tray of marigolds to plant and I want to put a bale of straw around the potatoes.

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