Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Empty nest foreshadowed

This is new. When my son was in the hospital I didn't feel this; obviously because I was too frantic with worry. Now that he's spending a week fishing with his grandparents, the worry is at minimal levels and I've discovered my house feels too large for one person. Only one year to go before he heads off to university and I'll be alone ALL the time...very strange. My garden is probably too big for one person too!

It occurs to me that I would have been well suited to be a colonist. Why are we still stuck on one planet?

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Diane said...

It's a new chapter in both your lives! You'll just have to hang out with Michael and Carrie and Lam and Kylee more!!

Your garden looks great!!! I would really like to start one at my new house, especially since there's already a spot plotted out and fenced off for one (complete with compost heap), but I guess the middle of a Texan summer is not the right time for fledgling plants. I might try one or two things anyway and then start in earnest next year.