Saturday, August 15, 2009

beans, beans and more beans

This first picture shows the bush beans; low to the ground but prolific producers.

These are climbing beans. I've only got one cropping out of them so far but should see more. They're bunched at the top of the 6 foot bamboo support I built so it may need redesigning for next year to give more height.

Question: has anyone had this happen to their zucchini plants (courgette)? I had the same problem last year in the other garden. It strikes just when the plant is starting to produce well.

Next question: can I use cloves from this years garlic harvest to plant next years crop?

2 comments: said...

Your climbing beans do look suspiciously like what we call runner called because the shoots run and climb....are the flowers red???

Not sure about the courgette plants...but there's a possibility it could be 'powdery mildew'. Hope this might be of some help!

Mopsa said...

yes, you can definitely use home grown garlic for future crops.